New hair.

Well, yeah. Life IS a change. For me every few months. Throughout THIS year  I changed my hair color about 4 times. Finally I think I found something more permanent. I hope.
(actually it is birghter as on photos - you know the sun goes to sleep really early this time;) )

Wizzer! Do you know Skins? If not, go to youtube and fokin find them (especially 3rd and 4th season <3 )

I'm on the edge

It's been long time to see you. There were few moments in my life, which can influence my future, like for real. Maturita tests and my personal ,,tests". Well I hope it'll get better afert time, but all in all I just want to thank you and show you my latest photos from this month :)
Yeah, one short story about my technical skills. For one week I could not turn on my touchpad. Really, shame on me. but whatever, wish you great holidays and I will return with some new photos.

And btw - isn't Niko amazing and cute and beautiful and ... ? ;)

Ravens in the Park

On last Thursday we went with Niko to photoshoot with analog and of course i had to buy new Zenit E (yep, i'm unconditionaly in love with it!) so there are quite a few photos from there.
p.s. Thank you all for following us and cute comments, you are awesome <3

the last one taken by iphone in school - with love(best friend ever! :) )